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Less Hate More Debate

The project involves Italy, Portugal, Sweden, Lithuania, Greece, Romania and Spain.
The main objectives of the project are:
1. To help adults with low competencies who need a certification to improve their skills in a foreign language (English) for better opportunities in the labour market.
2. To help immigrants to learn a foreign language through blogs, according with a Spanish experience with lyrics.
3. To help immigrants and foreign people to learn the language of the host country in a natural way.
These objectives are those of this call and can improve competencies in adults with lower levels of social and life skills.

This project targets Adults between 16-50 years old with low skills

We  have planned 3 kinds of activities:
- teaching through ICT
- teaching of English language through a blog, according with good practices already
used ( edrissis@edrissis)
- teaching of Italian language to immigrants through ICT and with MIGRANS