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Less Hate More Debate



The main objectives are 3:

– to help adults with low competencies and who need a certification to improve their

skills in a foreign language (English) for better opportunities in the labour market;

– to help immigrants to learn a foreign language through blog, according with a

Spanish experiences with lyrics;

– to help immigrants and foreign people to learn the language of hosting country in a

natural way.

These objectives are those of this call and can improve comoetencies in adults with low

level of social and life skills.

Target of the project are Adults (16-50 years old) with low skills and following needs of

Upskilling Pathway.

We planned 3 kinds of activities:

– teaching through ICT

– teaching of English language through blog, according with good practices already

used ( edrissis@edrissis)

– teaching of Italian language to immigrants through ICT and with MIGRANS


We will use DEBATE methodology (wedebate.org) for a multicultural dialogue and to

promote citizenship skills, to create an inclusive setting and MIGRANS methodology for

mygrans with very low skills.

We plan 4 meetings, a training course on debate methodology, a blended mobility for


IMPACT: we plan to improve basic skills to get into labour market, to promote

integration of immigrants who will learn Italian language, to improve the knowledge of

English language and inclusive practices, thanks to the Debate that let cooperation and

respect for each other.

We have evaluation and dissemination plans.

Project is sustainable not only beacuse it can be a start un for future European projects

but above all for curricula based on online learning and club of debaters.

We will plan to write a project of innovation also included MIGRANS methodology and

we will spread the 2 methodologies in a wide part of the non formal education centres